Privacy Policy

By visiting this site you are hereby agreeing to the terms and conditions of Best Source Global Solutions which include:-

1.Keeping your identity a secret

We value your identity and promise to not disclose ANY of your personal information to ANYONE except when some cases may crop up in which we need to abide by the law if they do occur when you’re being a part of our site.

2.Customer reviews

The customer review panel on our site is open to anyone who is a genuine user of a car that he is writing his user experience on. We hereby mention that the experience of a user after an accident or if reviewers vehicle is serviced by false agents should NOT be entered in the review space to keep the standards of our site and facilitate other users to get accurate and genuine information and hence being the best source you can find.


Our site aims at providing the best user experience and facilitate the choosing of new and old cars by having a look at the knowledgeable reviews. The site will feature some ads which are our chief source of income and marketing strategy. Although the ads may show up on our site,it will be done in such a way that the user never gets confused between the advertisements and the information we provide pertaining to cars.

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