Terms and conditions

This site aims at providing an updated knowledge of the said vehicles or cars appearing on the site and guarantees precise and accurate specifications at par with the original features of the cars. Our standards are aimed at providing the best user experience to anyone who’s interested in cars and things related to cars. Although The expert reviews are written with utmost care and an in depth research of the car along with the car company is done to give the user exactly what he wants , the user is encouraged to personally visit the showroom of the dealer interested to get the personal feel of the car, the design and specifications according to their tastes. The experiences of car owners featured on our site need not be correct moreover you may refer to the expert reviews on our site if available to get the best possible knowledge incase you are focusing on checking out the car specifications and in your quest to being wise. Although the site is featured in a fluidic and simple way, suggestions are welcome to serve you even better and the necessary changes will be made in the shortest possible time.


The trademarks mentioned and featured on our site are the properties of their respective owners .Legal issuesif any are restricted to Goa jurisdiction only. The company reserves the right to use the information you provide in terms of reviews as their property .

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